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Pelfrey and Santana Dominant Against Hughes and CC

By Unknown author

The last two evenings have been wonders for the Amazin’s.  Two starters, two nights, two back to back wins!  Both Johan Santana and Mike Pelfrey pitched great games, because of this factor.  They were both dominant.   From what I’ve seen last night, Johan Santana was using all his pitchers effectively.  He used his changeup alot to fool hitters like Mark Texieria.   Mike Pelfrey on the other hand, used his fastball to slow down the Yankee hitters.

This club has gotten some great starts from Mike Pelfrey.  Many weren’t expecting this at all whatsoever.  Because of Mike Pelfrey and how he is producing on the mound, the Mets clubhouse feels as though when Pelfrey goes out there and pitches, the Mets can win games.  To me, this club has confidence in this guy to go out and give some quality innings almost every single start.  Same thing for Johan, he pitches quality innings, but the only problem that Johan has to win more games, is that the Mets offense hasn’t been hitting well.

The Mets are now headed to Philly to face the Phillies once again and we will have to see if the Mets can continue to hit offensively and win more games!