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Could Roy Oswalt Land With the Mets?

By Unknown author

Houston Astros Ace Roy Oswalt just asked the team for a trade. According to Oswalt, he wants to be traded to “a contending team”. Could Roy Oswalt land with the Mets even though they are currently out of contention in the NL East?

There are so many questions about Roy Oswalt and if he can be traded that include the Amazin’s.

1.) Roy Oswalt will be owed $31 million over the next two years. Can the Mets be able to afford the price tag

2.) If the Mets indeed go after Oswalt, would they be able to afford losing Minor League Prospects?

3.) And like i said before, would Roy Oswalt even waive his no-trade clause to come to the Big Apple?

In all seriousness, if the Mets are dying to find some pitching help, they might look at this as an opportunity to grab Oswalt, like they almost did 4 years ago.

If this deal went down 4 years ago as planned, Roy Oswalt would have became a New York Met. Yes this is indeed true and most of you don’t even know or remember this story. Lets review it! At the trade deadline in 2006, Dauner Sanchez went down with an injury, in which Omar Minaya made a move that today is being called one of the dumbest trades he ever made. Oliver Perez for Xavier Nady. The reason that is was the dumbest trade in recent memory was because one; Nady was having a productive season for the Amazin’s. And two; The Mets knew Oliver Perez had issues with his consistency and command. If this trade, nor the Sanchez injury occur, the Mets would have gotten Roy Oswalt, and he more than likely wouldn’t have asked for a trade as he is now.

Roy Oswalt has been one of the best starters over the last couple of years, and could definitely add some much needed help. The Mets also need a veteran pitcher, and Oswalt fits the bill. Lets hope the Mets can snatch this guy, so that the rotation can get another veteran and some much needed depth.