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My Response to a Loyal Reader About the Mets Lack of Professionalism

By Adam Garnett

Since our most loyal reader/commenter, the venerable gutless, always seems to on the mark, or pretty close to it, about his analysis of what is wrong with the Mets, I figured my response to his latest comment deserved and entire post. Here is goes:

gutless…I always appreciate your perspective and analysis. You are spot on when you talk about the lack of professionalism many on this team exhibit. Yesterday, I was fortunate/unfortunate enough to be at Citi Field for 10 hours taking in the Subway Series and I witnessed exactly what you speak of. While sitting in the press box, I said the exact same thing about Takahashi while watching him pitch out of jams and do it in a calm and even-keeled manner.

A few hours back, the polar opposite was occurring with that cry baby John Maine, as he continued to pout about his dustup with Jerry Manuel and Dan Warthen from a few nights back. He spouted off the the media that he had no idea what was going on and was still pissed at Manuel. Low and behold, a few short hours later, he found himself on the DL and for the sake of Mets fans, will never don the orange and blue again.

Same for Folly Perez. Not going down to Triple A Buffalo to try and right himself, if that is even possible, shows his utter lack of professionalism and lack of desire to do what is in the best interests of his team and teammates. A completely selfish act which leaves the Mets with a $12 million piece of dead weight on their roster. If the Mets had more Takahashi’s and less Maine’s and Perez’s, maybe I wouldn’t see fit to be so pervasively negative about this franchise and their future prospects.