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Bob Melvin Could be Manager If Jerry Gets the Pink Slip

By Unknown author

According to a report by SI baseball writer Jon Heyman, the Mets could turn to Bob Melvin, who is currently hired to a scout for the Amazin’s.   Bob Melvin has had MLB managerial experience with the Arizona Diamondbacks from 2005-2009.

It seems to me that Bob Melvin would be the best possible choice to takeover if Jerry Manuel indeed gets the pink slip. We can all hope and pray for Bobby Valentine to step up and become the Mets manager, but lets face it.  ITS NOT GOING TO HAPPEN!  The only way that will happen, is if the Mets (if Melvin becomes the manager) continue to struggle and have no other possible option.

But Bob Melvin seems to be a good choice to be the Mets next skipper when need be.  He has led teams like the D-Backs, and the Seattle Mariners to winning teams.  Maybe if we are lucky, he can help bring the Mets back to the promise land as they were in 2006.  But i can only imagine!