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The Mets Need to Get Going Fast or Someone is Going BYE BYE!!!

By Unknown author

With the recent struggles the Mets have had, there seems to be some speculation that someone in the Mets brass could get fired for the recent struggles.   Jerry Manuel could be on the hot seat, Omar Minaya could be also, and maybe even some in the Mets Front Office could get the boot.  From what most of us have seen, it really isn’t the pitching that is keeping the Mets struggling, its clearly the offense that seems to be the key contributor to the problems.


Lets see, David Wright is now on a strikeout streak,  Jose Reyes is not hitting the ball well, and Jason Bay is doing average but is hitting poor at times.  The Mets offensively woes right now could also point out that Howard Johnson (Ho-Jo as most of you know him as) may also be on that hot seat.   The Mets woes right now cannot be all Jerry Manuel’s fault.   The Mets offense is not producing when it needs to be, and the last time i checked, isn’t the hitting coach suppose to help out with that?!

With that being said, the Mets owners “The Wilpons” showed up to Atlanta to meet with GM Omar Minaya, and manager Jerry Manuel.  Though luckly for Omar and Jerry, no one got fired.  But, if the Mets continue to struggle, and (sorry to say), lose the chance to win the NL East division title, then the Wilpons will be making cuts like no tommorrow.   But we all just hope that the Mets get hot again!