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Announcement: New Blog Layout

By Unknown author

Just a heads-up readers, we have gotten a new upgrade on the site.  A new web layout.  With this new layout, you will see things different than what you saw on the site before.    The blog tags, recent posts, and other essentials are now on the RIGHT SIDE OF THE PAGE so keep that in mind when trying to access later posts!  With this new layout, we also have new features that haven’t been on the site before, which are more user interactive and friendly.  They are…

Apps/Widgets: You can view other Mets blog posts from our site, or on the Yardbarker Network.

User Polls:  New polls questions will be added to the site weekly!  Vote on poll questions, and see what you fellow readers think!

Team Tweets: Yes, you can now check out the last information from our panel of sports bloggers.  I will try to get my twitter account put into that list so you can see whats going on in my head, along with the latest Mets blog posts, and news.

Please give us your opinions on the new layout.  If you experience any problems with the new page, please let us know.  We will look into the matter!  We hope that the new layout works better for you!

Adam and Brandon