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Walk-Off HR Wins it for the Mets Thanks to Rod Barajas

By Unknown author

The Mets headed back to Citi Field having lost 3 or their last 4 games against the Reds and Phils.  But, the Mets got a much needed boost with just one swing of the bat.  In the bottom of the 9th, Ike Davis on 1st with 1 out, and Rod Barajas comes to the plate knowing in his mind he has a problem with his finger, hits one over the fence in left field for the Mets first walk-off win in over 2 years.  Barajas told reporters after the game that he had an issue with his finger coming into that last AB.

"“I told myself I probably got one good swing.  Once I take that swing, my finger’s going to go numb.”"

Rod Barajas is showing the Mets that he has been a great acquistion, and quite frankly, he is.  He has clearly dominated for the Mets offensively.  Last year with the Blue Jays, Barajas hit 19 home runs.  He’s on pace to have more than 19 this season if he continues to dominate pitching (He has 9 now with that Walk-Off).  Rod Barajas hands down is the first Mets offensive catcher since, you guessed it, Mike Piazza.   Manager Jerry Manuel had this to say about Rod Barajas after the game.

"“I recollect the first time talking to him, he mentioned how he liked the clutch…He’s been quite an acquisition…He has been unbelievable. You go back to that first series, he hit some balls hard that got caught that were in clutch situations. He seems to rise to that occasion.”"

Ike Davis continues to power the Mets offensively and defensively. (Source:

Rod Barajas wasn’t the only Met to shine during the ballgame.  Ike Davis, the rookie that is continuing to hit well and impress critics, hit 2 HR’s in the game.  One HR he hit to centerfield and the other was hit to right field.  But that was not all Davis did.  Not only was Ike the man offensively, but he was the man defensively.   In the 9th inning, Ike Davis ran down a foul ball hit by Giants 3b Pablo Sandoval.  But it wasn’t no ordinary foul ball catch.  Ike leaped for the ball by the dugout railing and flipped into the Mets dugout and caught the ball.   That catch was the best catches into the dugout i’ve ever seen.  It was even better than his last catch in the dugout.   Ike Davis said this after the game to reporters.

"“Most of the time you don’t get chances repeatedly like that.  I got long arms, I guess.”"

The Mets continue their series against the Giants today on PIX at 1:10PM EST (Check your local listings).