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Analysis: David Wright’s Batting Stance (From 08 to Now)

By Unknown author

2009 was the worst season for David Wright in his entire career.  His offense really fell off.  Wright only hit 10 HR’s all season.  Well, this year is definitely different.  As of today, Wright has hit 7 HRs.  Overall, Wright is hitting the ball well this season even though he has struggled at times.  He always seems to get out of those slumps by hitting a jack (HR in baseball terms) or two.

Lets look at Wrights batting stance positions from 2008 to now.  As you can see in this image (Thanks to,  David Wright’s stance has gotten an overhaul over the last three years.   In 08, you can see David Wright has his hands griping the bat at his head level.  In 09, Wright is gripping his hands over his head, and coming into this season, Wright has his hands at around the neck/chest level.  It seems as though that because of David Wright’s hand position when he is in his batting stance says it all.  We all know that this years stance is the one that is working for David Wright.