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Mets Lose Another Heartbreaker in Cincy, Finish Trip 2-4

By Adam Garnett

Hey, I know the past few days have been painful, but I’ll say this about the current Mets bunch…they don’t give up. Today, their ninth inning comeback went for naught after Pedro Feliciano served up a walk-off bomb to Orlando Cabrera in the bottom of the 10th. Yet, you have to like the fight they showed to tie in the ninth off one of the better closers in the NL, Francisco Cordero. The previous night, despite blowing a lead in the late innings, their resiliency paid off in the form of a game-winning HR by Rod Barajas. In previous years, these types of comebacks were few and far between

Not all is honky dory with the Mets of course. First and foremost is the Jason Bay conundrum. Flat out, this guy stinks right now.He is 3 for his last 23 and has whiffed an atrocious 33 times already this season. Worst of all, guys (Pagan and Castillo mostly) are getting on base in front of Bay, and he is destroying the hopes of any big innings with his futility at the plate.

I know this guy is known for being a hot and cold hitter, but this is getting a bit ridiculous. He is scuffling in the worst way and his lack of power and is proving to be an albatross for this team right now. There really is nothing that can be done except let Bay work out of the slump. I am sure the day off tomorrow is going to do his mental state some good. If he continues to struggle I wouldn’t be surprised if Jerry drops him down in the lineup and puts a hot David Wright back in the cleanup spot. The hard truth is that they need this guy to be a primary run producer this season, especially with the timing of Carlos Beltran’s return being so cloudy.

So now in comes Tim Lincecum and the pitching rich Giants to Citi Field. The Amazins’ will counter with Mike Pelfrey and Johan Santana, both looking to bounce back from rough outings ion Philadelphia. Keep the faith folks, there is more to like with this team than not with this squad right now….It just takes a little perspective.

Speaking of perspective, I am taking a little hiatus from the blog for about 10 days or so while I go traveling in Jolly Old England. Hopefully the new found season that has arisen won’t be flushed down the tubes in my absence.