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3-Game Losing Streak Sends Mets Back Down to Earth

By Adam Garnett

Well, it was fun while it lasted. The euphoria of the Mets 9-1 homestand and subsequent thumping of the Phillies in the first game of the 3-game set down at Citizens Bank Park has quickly faded. The things the Mets had been doing well (getting big two-out hits, hitting with runners in scoring position, starters going 7+ innings) have evaporated from the conversation over the last three days, all ominous signs for the teams’ future success.

Granted, the Amazins’ ran into hands down the best pitcher in baseball, Roy Halladay, on Saturday and a rising young star in Mike Leake last night, but the manner in which those ballgames were lost are confounding. I am throwing out Sunday night as just one of those games Johan Santana has once a year. Johan is the least of my and likely the Mets worries.

On Saturday, it was two defensive plays by Jose Reyes and Alex Cora that were not made that led to the Phillies big six-run inning off Mike Pelfrey. Yes, those were plays of with a high degree of difficulty, but in the previous games, those plays were being made (see Jason Bay and Jeff Francoeur on Friday night).


Last night, it was the Mets failure to bring home Ike Davis after a leadoff double in the seventh inning of a 2-2 ballgame, that struck me as the sort opportunity winning teams don’t let slip away. Right now, the Mets are a winning team with a record of 14-12, and sit only a half a game out of first place in the N.L. East heading into tonight’s slate of action. Yet, the last three days have once again exposed some weak spots in the Mets armor, amazingly Ollie Perez not being one of them. The mercurial lefty was actually pretty solid last night in six innings of work.

After these two more games in Cincinnati, the Mets have some very winnable series coming up before the big, bad Evil Empire takes a trip across the RFK Bridge to Citi Field on May 21. The offensively challenged Giants come to town on Friday for a weekend series followed by an improved but very beatable Washington Nationals team. Then the Mets head out on the road again for divisional series against the Marlins, scuffling Braves and Nats again before the first installment of the Subway Series commences.

If this team continues to get quality starting pitching, which has been the case despite the two hiccups by Johan and Big Pelf in that joke of a stadium in Philly, they can continue to win series. If they continue to win series, they can be a factor in the wildcard chase (I still think Philly has too much offensive artillery to be caught, though their bullpen situation is a mess).

Tell me a team besides the Cardinals that strikes fear in you in the National League? The Dodgers? The Cubs? The Padres? The Mets have the tools and resources (I think) to hang in this thing. It is not all doom and gloom, despite this three-game slide. We all witnessed, the Mets revive what was quickly becoming a lost season with their white-hot streak the past two weeks by doing all the little things. The talent, confidence, and most importantly I think the locker room chemistry is there. The squad’s execution simply has to be better to maintain the winning atmosphere that was so stunningly unearthed