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Bobby V Liking Jerry Manuels Moves

By Unknown author

In an article for for Baseball Tonight, former Mets manager Bobby Valentine said that Manuel “is making all the right moves”.

"The Mets are on a great homestand mainly because of Jerry Manuel, the much maligned manager.  He has made some great decisions, and he’s got the right attitude during a time when people thought all was lost… Manuel has the ability to put guys in the right spots to get the right outs and to ultimately build a confident baseball team… If Jerry Manuel continues to make the right moves, this team could go pretty far – and hopefully he’ll stay off the hot seat.”"

It does seem that Jerry is making all the right moves at this point. With Reyes in the three hole in the lineup, its actually working.  Not only has Jose gotten into a hot streak, but so has Jason Bay.  The move seemed to be beneficial to Bay because of the fact that Jason and Jose were friends when they were prospects in the Mets system, along with the fact that Bay is becoming comfortable at the plate.  But, we are going to see whether or not Jerry Manuel can continue the to make the right calls.