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Mike Jacobs Designated For Assignment…Is Ike Davis on the Way?

By Adam Garnett

Well folks, the Mets made some news just about an hour ago that has some wide-ranging implications. The team announced that it has designated first baseman and piece of crap Mike Jacobs for assignment and recalled pitcher Toby Stoner (I love that name by the way). Since Jacobs was DFA and simply not just optioned to Triple-A Buffalo, it means a spot has opened up on the Mets 40-man roster.

I think we all know where this is going. It is more than likely the guy I (and many others) have been screaming for, Ike Davis, will be up with the big club in short order. Mike Puma of the NY Post surmises that Davis could be called up as soon as after tonight’s game when the Mets may send Stoner or another reliever back to the minors.

First off….Can I get a Hallelujah!!!!! No more having to watch Mike Jacobs be a whiff machine and play awful defense. In addition there is a chance of there being a little juice in the ballpark on this homestand with the possible arrival of Ike. Clearly, based on what we saw in spring training and in his time in Triple-A (.364 BA in 10 games), this kid is ready. I assume Davis will split time with Fernando Tatis, playing against righties. Daniel Murphy….Your time may be up my friend.

This is obviously the scenario I wanted to see from the get go this season and it is not good news that it took an awful 4-7 start and anemic play by Jacobs for Davis to be added to the mix. This is yet another indication of the Mets organizational ineptitude to have not read the tea leaves and giving Ike a shot right out of the gate. The fans were clamoring for it. The fact that Daniel Murphy got hurt clamored for it. The idea that Mike Jacobs sucked clamored for it. Now, it appears extremely likely we will all get our wish, about 12 games too late in my opinion.