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Anyone Sick of Watching John Maine Yet?

By Adam Garnett

It’s one thing to be an awful starting pitcher. It’s another thing to look like a mental midget while being awful and making a multitude of excuses after crapping the bed on the mound. Ladies and John Maine, the man who started the second game of the season for the Mets and had another doozy of an outing last night in Colorado.

To put it bluntly, Maine was just god awful vs. the Rockies. I am sure you’ve seen it already and vomited when you did, but check out this line: 3 IP, 7H, 8R, 3BB, 4K. Combined with his stellar outing vs.the Marlins in Game #2 of this already wonderful season, Maine is now sporting a sweet 13.50 ERA.

Listen, anyone is entitled to a few bad starts. It happens to the best of them, but what pains me the most is how Johnny Boy has gone about showcasing his futility. It is painful watching Maine throw ball after ball way outside and high as his front shoulder flies open. It is even more painful watching his demeanor as he sulks around the mound and in the dugout after facing a little adversity. I thought Mike Pelfery was the biggest head case on this starting staff but I have begun to realize that Maine’s lack of intestinal fortitude blows him out of the water.

To top it off, check our a sampling of the crap that came out of Maine’s mouth after the game:

"“This is awful right now. I’m working. I’m doing the same things I have always done. This kind of thing has never happened. I hate everything about what is going on right now. It’s just frustrating. “"

Yeah John, we feel you on that one. Unfortunately, despite some dialogue to the contrary, Jerry Manuel has confirmed that Maine will indeed take his next turn in the rotation on Sunday in St. Louis. According to Andy Martino of the Daily News, Maine met with Manuel for an hour today and “was told that his spot in the rotation is in no immediate jeopardy”. If Manuel keeps Maine in the pitching mix much longer, the spot that may be most in jeopardy is Jerry’s position as manager of the New York Mets.