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The Fear of a Poor Start is becoming Reality!

By Unknown author

Readers, i know you don’t want to hear this, and i personally don’t either, but the fear of a poor start by the Amazin’s is becoming a REALITY!  Look, as opening day came and gone, the Mets looked as though they would be in for a pretty good season.  Johan Santana pitched great, the offense and bullpen produced, and K-Rod closed it down.  Now 5 games later, the Mets are now 2-4 and look destined for a bad start to the month of April, which is something Mets fans like you do not want to hear.

If the Mets starting pitching continues to struggle like this, then the Mets are in for one heck of a season.  all the starters, including Santana, have been hit in some way.  As today, Santana gave up a first-inning homer, Jon Niese gave up the leading run in the Marlins series, Oliver Perez gave up acouple of homers, and John Maine during the Marlins series as well.

The offense isn’t too bad really.  David Wright is producing, so is Rod Barajas.  Jason Bay, isn’t producing otherwise from what i’ve seen.   With the return of Jose Reyes, it seemed as though Mets fan can breath again.  Well, he appears alittle rusty, but will eventually get it going.  So its not something to worry about right now.    The bullpen is pretty good.  Takahashi and Igarashi are pitching great.  Even though Takahashi giving up some runs.  Jennry Mejia is also doing rather well.   He closed out the game against the Nats on friday night.

Overall this team is a great team on paper.  The only problems i notice  on this team is the starting pitching.  If they continue to struggle during starts, and the Mets continue to lose games, ownership could look towards pushing the eject button on Jerry Manuel, and maybe even Omar Minaya, job wise.    We’ll just have to wait and see what happens during the next two weeks.  So im sorry readers, but it looks as though we may be in for one wild ride.