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Mets Pitching Staff is a Joke….And Not a Funny One at That

By Adam Garnett

Quick. Can you tell me what these numbers represent?




If you guessed the spring ERAs of John Maine, Mike Pelfrey and Oliver Perez, you win a prize. You win a cupie doll. Not exactly the type of numbers one would want to see from their team’s 2nd-4th starters. In fact, not exactly the type of numbers one would want to see from the dudes are about #10 and #11 on the organization’s depth chart. I think what I am trying to say here (and what I have said here 18,000 times in the past few month) is that the Mets are screwed.

No offense to my mom, but I think she could have told you the Mets needed to upgrade their pitching staff in the offseason. What did they go and do? Seemingly allocate all of whatever resources they had left to sign Jason Bay, 31-year old OF with bad knees. With fans and media types alike clamoring for the team to pursue John Lackey and many of the other starting pitchers available, the Mets did not. I know it is only spring training, but these three guys have looked awful and have given no indication that they are either ready for a rebound (Ollie, Maine) or ready to turn the corner to become a big-time pitcher (Pelfrey).

So it appears the Mets will go into the season with Johan at the top of the rotation and question marks abound after that. Welcome to 2010 Mets baseball…..Where 4 out of every 5 days we’re going to have to score a boatload of runs to win the game. Lovely.