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Doc Gooden Arrested on DUI. Of Course!

By Unknown author

According to’s Matt Cerrone and, new Mets hall of famer Doc Gooden was arrested for DUI for driving under the influence of drugs, leaving the scene of an accident, and child endangerment (his five year old son in the backseat of Gooden’s car).  There was no word on whether he is out on bail.

No surprise to me whatsoever.  We all know of his troubled past, and i still wonder about the Mets picking him as their first hall of famer. I feel his off the field actions are what makes me feel puzzled with the selection.

I mean we are talking about Doc Gooden here.  This guy is known for being the ace of the Mets starting rotation during their world series championship run in 86.  I can see how the Mets would decide to put him in the hall for his amazing contributions to the ball-club, but in my opinion i feel as though Doc’s off-field actions with drug use have overshadowed his playing career a bit. With his latest arrest, I just wonder if the Mets made the right decision in having him as a hall of famer.