New York Mets News

Jose Reyes Cleared To Resume Baseball Activities…..Seriously

By Adam Garnett

News is coming in fast and furious this early afternoon, and by golly some of it is about the most positive news Mets fans could have imagined materializing. According to the Mets, Jose Reyes’ thyroid levels have returned to normal and he has been cleared to resume baseball activities. Reyes will fly form New York to Port St. Lucie today and is expected to be in Mets camp tomorrow. When Omar Minaya addressed the media before today’s tilt vs. the Braves, here is what he had to say regarding the possibility of Reyes being ready for Opening Day:

"“We’ll see. Right now, let’s get him here today. The good thing is that we have close to two weeks to go. Let’s see how he is. I’m pretty sure we’re going to have to build his stamina up. I talked to Jerry a little bit about it. As far as what we’re going to be from here to two weeks, I don’t know that. But the good thing is that he’s going to be here, he’s going to be working out, full participation.”"

Can I get a Hallelujah!!!! Can I get an Amen!!!!! Considering the string of bad luck this ballclub has encountered over the past few

months/years, this news is stunningly good. I am sure even the most eternally optimistic Mets fan wasn’t expecting this. It goes without saying what Reyes’ talents and his jovial locker room presence mean to this team. If he is able to get enough seasoning in before April 5th when the Mets open the season at Citi Field, you know the Mets and Reyes will do everything in their power to have him in that lineup.

That being said, there are only 12 spring games remaining after today’s contest. Reyes has yet to play in any spring games and really yet to test out his newly repaired hamstring in full. According to Bergen Record beat man Steve Popper’s blog, Jerry Manuel said last week that he thinks Reyes would need to see action in around 10 games in order to be ready for Opening Day.

So the numbers game says Reyes at Citi on April 5th is not impossible, but remember the dude has been sitting on his couch the last two weeks and will need to work his way back into game shape. Whatever the case, this is exceptional news for the Mets and their early season prospects for success. I am still curious whether the Mets will follow through on their plan to bat Jose third in the lineup until Carlos Beltran returns.

I want to get your take on the importance of Jose Reyes to the Mets. How much of a difference does he make? What are you expecting from him this year? Please comment. More to come in a little bit on Ike Davis’ demotion and Jenrry Mejia’s back-to-back outings.