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What Should the Mets Do with Ike Davis?

By Unknown author

Lets get away from the Jose Reyes drama a bit and get back to the baseball scene.  Ike Davis is having a great spring.  He continues to show the Mets how good he is.  From what we’ve been seeing on TV (or if you’ve been to Florida to watch the action), it seems Ike Davis may make the Mets opening day roster.  Or will he?  According to Jerry Manuel, Davis may end up going back to the minors to start the season.  Davis is currently hitting .524 BA, with 2 HRs, and 9 RBI’s in spring training.

Now, i feel that Ike Davis should be given a shot at first base. If Jerry Manuel decides to send him back down to the minors, that would be one of the dumbest mistakes i have seen this guy make.   If Ike Davis continues to deliver offensively and defensively at first base, i believe that Davis would be a good 1st basemen.  I also believe this guy will be one of the Mets future stars.    This way, he will gain some major league experience, and then if they need to, send him back down to the minors and go from there.  I believe that Ike Davis is the Mets best option at first base.  I like Daniel Murphy and how he handled first base, but i feel if the Mets want abit more “pop” in their lineup, i would go with Ike Davis.  As spring training goes on, it seems to me that Davis is improving on his defense, as he said he was working on.

But, we will have to see if Ike Davis continues to produce offensively, and makes the Mets opening day roster at 1st base.