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Looks Like I Spoke/Blogged Too Soon

By Adam Garnett

Not two minutes after I posted the last blog entry on the confusion surrounding Jose Reyes’ thyroid condition, it seems as if the murky waters have cleared up a bit. Check out what David Waldstein writes in the New York Times.

This is how I read what is going on here. Reyes, with his language barrier being what it is, meant to say exactly what his agent Peter Greenberg conveyed to Waldstein:

"“We’re waiting for the final results tomorrow, but all indications are that it’s the most minimal case of hyperthyroidism possible.”"

Essentially, this is what Reyes was attempting to reveal in his published comments to Enrique Rojas:

"“The specialists who took care of me in New York have told me that I’m fine and that there’s nothing wrong with my thyroid. The test showed that I’m fine. We just have to wait for the results of the additional test. The (doctors) found inflammation in my throat and no medicine to treat the thyroid or any other condition has been prescribed.”"

To me, by nothing wrong, Jose meant to say that there is nothing “seriously” wrong and that he is just waiting to find out a course of treatment. Of course, it is entirely possible I will be proved wrong later today when Omar Minaya is expected to address the Reyes situation from Orlando where the Mets are taking on the Braves.

Can we please get back to talking about baseball? That was fun for about a week.