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Welcome Aboard Brandon Butler

By Adam Garnett

Hello faithful followers of I wanted to let you know Brandon Butler has signed on to become a contributor to the site. I’ll let Brandon introduce himself to you in his first post but let’s welcome him aboard and read his stuff.

As for me, sorry for the absence this weekend. I was a bit preoccupied having too good a time down in Myrtle Beach and one of my best buddies’ bachelor parties. I know there are some heavy news items to discuss regarding Jose Reyes and I plan on getting to them sometime later today or tomorrow. Hopefully I can add a little of the insight I gained when I saw him in spring training along side the news that his health has some serious question marks attached to it.

In short, Reyes is having tests done today in New York due to what has been labeled a thyroid imbalance. It may take up to 48 hours for doctors to reveal the results. There are all sorts of implications here which I will get into soon. In the mean time, cross your fingers the kid is OK.