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Fernando Tatis Reportedly Back in the Fold; Adios Carlos Delgado

By Adam Garnett

Nothing official from the Mets yet, but it looks like our old, double-play machine friend Fernando Tatis will be back in the mix in 2010. Tatis, who hit 282 in 340 at bats for the Mets last season, with eight HR, 21 doubles and a .339 OBP, will be expected to share first base duties with the lefty swinging Daniel Murphy. The biggest implication of this signing is that it likely signals the end of the Carlos Delgado era with the Mets.

All winter, I was convinced the mets were going to find some way to bring Delgado back to Flushing. After his stint in the Puerto Rican winter league, it obviously became apparent to the Mets that his 37-year old body and surgically repaired hip could no longer endure the rigors of playing first base full time.

If you’ve read this space before, you know my feelings on Delgado. I would have welcomed him back if he were healthy enough to contribute at a high level, but the Mets clearly deemed that not to be the case. It is likely that Delgado and his Hall of Fame credentials will find his way to the American League to become someone’s DH.

Some may argue with me, but I feel this is yet another setback to the Mets hopes of a resurgence in 2010. A healthy Delgado would have been a boon to the Mets lineup, even at age 37. Get ready for a healthy does of Murph and his limited power and spotty defensive prowess. Delightful.