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Carlos Beltran Has Knee Surgery….Out 8-12 Weeks

By Adam Garnett

That didn’t take very long. It appears as if Carlos Beltran, without permission from the Mets, underwent right knee surgery today in Colorado via Dr. Richard Steadman (the inventor of microfracture surgery) and will not be able to resume baseball activities for 8-12 weeks.

There is a load of different info floating around right now, but it does not appear as if Beltran had microfracture. Joel Sherman is reporting that Beltran underwent only a routine scope. Beltran as we recall, missed 70 games last year due to a deep bone bruise in his right knee. This offseason, the osteoarthritis in his knee supposedly worsened and the pain became such that Beltran felt he needed to get the procedure done. Here is the official statement from Mets brass:

““Carlos Beltran had worsening of osteoarthritis of the right knee during the offseason.  He had not been experiencing pain following the conclusion of the season and into his early offseason conditioning. The symptoms returned to the point where pre-spring training conditioning became too painful.  He elected to undergo arthroscopic clean out of the arthritic area of his knee by Beltran”s personal physician Dr. Richard Steadman today in Colorado.  He is anticipated to return to baseball activities in 12 weeks.”

Wow. What a disaster on so many levels. Just when some good will and positive energy had begun to build after the Jason Bay signing, the world comes crashing down around the Mets. If you’ve read this blog, you are aware of my affinity for Beltran as a player and as a person. I know I’ve said in this space that I consider him the most indispensable part of the Mets puzzle besides Johan Santana.

Beyond the idea that Beltran will be out of action for who knows how long, the most distressing piece of this tale is the contention that Carlos went ahead and had this surgery unbeknownst to the Mets. First off, as Joel Sherman is also reporting, the Mets are livid and may  choose take some form of legal action against Beltran due to what I am sure is a breach of contract. Secondly, the fact that Beltran did this on his own shows the kind of distrust and distaste the players have for the Mets medical staff. Can you really blame him after what transpired last season?

Despite all the confusion and hearsay about, what is clear is that we won’t be seeing Carlos Beltran patrolling CF for the Mets any time soon. What is also painfully clear is the likelihood that Beltran’s relationship with the Mets organization is irreparably broken, as are the hearts of many Mets fans on this cold January night.


It is now being reported that the Mets knew of Beltran’s surgery but did not agree with his decision to have it. Whatever the case, this is disastrous. The team will hold a conference call tomorrow to discuss. Stay tuned for the happy recap.