New York Mets News

The Most Depressing Mets Piece I’ve Ever Read

By Adam Garnett

Mets fans have been teased, stomped on, and had their hearts broken too many times to count. This past year’s doings were enough to make some fans I know wonder if it is even worth investing any more time, energy and most importantly money on this organization. Mike Vaccaro, lead columnist at the NY Post and self-admitted Mets fan, penned this pointed piece in today’s paper.

The most damning part of this column was the part where Vaccaro writes this:

“Every few days, you hear another story about another season-ticket holder being interrogated by a Mets ticket agent, sometimes being challenged about how much of a “real fan” they are. I have a longtime friend who would qualify as one of the most fiercely loyal Mets fans anywhere, a guy who works within the New York sporting community, and even he’s thinking of not renewing.”

Simply put…This is disgusting behavior and the Mets organization should be ashamed of themselves considering the garbage they put their fans through last season. I have not personally heard a story like this one, with ticket agents having the audacity to question a potential paying customer’s loyalty to the team, but it does not surprise me one bit at this point.

Now comes the news being reported by WEEI in Boston that the Red Sox are considering reopening negotiations with Jason Bay. It is debatable whether signing Bay is a good move for the Mets in the long run. Doesn’t matter at this point. The fans need something, ANYTHING right now. If they lose out on this guy because of their current dithering ways, those ticket agent ass clowns aren’t even going to get the chance to questions fans’ loyalty. All they’re going to get is a dial tone in their ear.