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Mets Still….Waiting…..on Jason Bay and Bengie Molina

By Adam Garnett

Check out Vince Lombardi in that famous NFL Films clip:


I think Lombardi just about sums up what most Mets fans are thinking right about now in relation to the team’s current tack on negotiations with Jason Bay and Bengie Molina. One gets the feeling that if the Mets don’t step up their effort and possibly “overpay” for one or both of these guys, they may end up getting screwed. Check out what baseball aficionado Ken Rosenthal has to say about this ever-confounding situation.

It is clear to me that the Mets brand has become so poisoned with the equally inept Omar Minaya and the Wilpons at the helm, that nobody wants to come and play for them. Don’t you think one or both of these guys would have signed on the dotted line already if they really wanted to come to Queens? The Mets, by all accounts are the only visible suitors left for these two free agents.

The only plausible conclusion is that each guy is waiting for a secondary surge in the marketplace and for another, more desirable team to step up and make a comparable, if not better offer. In fact, it has been rumored that Bay’s agent Joe Urbon approached the Red Sox sometime in the past few days to see if Boston wanted to re-open negotiations. The Sox signing of Mike Cameron essentially squashed any chance of Bay going back to Beantown. If true, what does this say about how Bay actually feels about playing in New York?

The Mets thinking obviously is that if they upped their offers to Bay and Molina, they would essentially be bidding against themselves, which may actually be the case at this juncture. Omar and crew are content on waiting this one out and getting their men at the price they want to get ’em at. A dangerous game for sure, one which force the Mets faithful to take that last step over the ledge.