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Are Mets Fans Being Duped by Bay Offer?

By Adam Garnett

If Joel Sherman’s theory in his column in today’s NY Post is correct, Mets fans are being duped by the 4-year/$65 million offer the club extended to Jason Bay yesterday.

Sherman surmises that due to the pervasive negativity surrounding the team and subsequent lagging ticket sales, the Mets possibly made the offer to Bay to “change the subject”. While I’d like to believe that Sherman is off base with his theory (he has been known to stir up a fight in his writing just for the sake of good copy), there are elements which lead one to believe he is on to something.

The detail that jumps out at me is the pure number value of the offer. Sherman reports that the offer is somewhere between $60-$65 million. Bay as we know already rejected a 4-year/$60 million offer from Boston so the Mets have to know it is highly unlikely the outfielder would accept the team’s initial offer. Could this number just be a starting point to get to a final number or are the Mets, and their desire to create some good will with their hurting fan base, being used by Bay to jack up Boston’s price to be paid? This is the crux of what Sherman is asking in his column and I guess it is just a matter of time before we know the answer to that question.