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Mets to Make Jason Bay an Offer Today?

By Adam Garnett

According to Mike Francesa, the Mets are prepared to make Jason Bay an offer today at some point. I have my issues with Francesa’s character and as radio personality, but I give him this…he is usually in the know when it comes to Mets inside info. Wow! I guess what I wrote last night about the Mets lying in the weeds was accurate.

We already know Bay turned down a 4-yr/$60 million offer from Boston so one would think the offer would have to be more that $15 million per year or it would have to be a total of five guaranteed year. To say I am on board with bringing Jason Bay into the fold would be an understatement. This guy would be a perfect fit in New York and I think will be the cheaper option than Matt Holliday.

Word from Francesa is that Bengie Molina will be given a formal offer by the Mets so I would expect him to be in the mix sooner rather than later. All of this chatter about offensive additions is fine and dandy, but as I’ve said 8,000 times, the Mets #1 priority needs to be a starting pitcher to slot behind Johan Santana (Lackey) or next to him (Halladay). To enter spring training with neither of the two wearing Mets blue and orange and unfortunately black, would put the in a big hole in the NL East.