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And We’re Off…..Winter Meetings Underway in Indy

By Adam Garnett

In honor of the baseball world congregating in Indianapolis for the Winter Meetings, I get to say this….Gentlemen, open your wallets. Unfortunately (or fortunately depending on how one feels about it), with everything we’re hearing from those in the know in the newspapers and on the radio waves, the Mets will not be one of those teams shelling out the green at these meetings.

The Mariners reportedly fired the first big salvo before these meetings even got underway by inking leadoff-man extraordinaire Chone Figgins to a 4-year/$36 million deal with a vesting option for 2014. If you are a regular reader of this space, you are aware of my affection for Figgins’ skills and my desire for the Mets to have made a play for him. I have a feeling I am going to be repeating the last section of this line a number of times in the coming days.

The one name we hear prominently linked to Omar and the Mets is 35-year old backstop Bengie Molina. The team is certainly still in need of a starting catcher, even with Chris Coste and Henry Blanco now in the fold, and I think Molina would be an upgrade for the Mets (he hit 20 HRs last season which would have made him the Mets leader in that category last season by far). The problem is, a signing like this with maybe a Marlon Byrd and Jason Marquis or Randy Wolf thrown are not moves that are going to satisfy a beaten and battered fan base.

After the failures of the past three seasons, fans believe this squad as currently constituted needs BIG upgrades at certain positions, and rightfully so. This is going to require the Wilpons to spend some BIG bucks and it appears they are unwilling to do so. The problem is that to emerge from this offseason without having been major players in the race to obtain any of the big three free agents (Jason Bay, Matt Holliday and John Lackey) will devastate and alienate the already fragile fan base.

But….before you get ready to hurl yourself off the Pepsi Porch, take a look at Joel Sherman’s take on the Mets situation. As a fan of this franchise, would you be willing to pass on the chance to dip into a weak free agent class with the possibility of being able to raid potentially much stronger ones in 2011 and 2012?