New York Mets News

Is Change For the Mets on the Horizon?

By Adam Garnett

When I spoke of a total fumigation of the Mets organization a number of times in this space, this part of the equation is notexactly what I had in mind. One comment I saw on the blog where I found the link to Bart Hubbach’s blog post about the possible uniform changes was particularly hilarious. Here it is:

“Will they also add “Brooklyn” across the front? I hear Dodgers is already taken.”

Wow…That’s cold, but very telling about how many Mets fans feel about the hierarchy of their franchise. It would be a sad day if what is being reported here actually comes to fruition. I would dearly miss the pinstripes. It’s bad enough the team wears black hats and helmets much of the time.


As far as game play goes, can you believe the string of events that cause the Mets to go down in defeat tonight? Bases loaded and no outs in a 3-3 game in the top of the ninth and this disastrous bunch can’t scratch across a single run. What a joke. Then the defensive implosion by Anderson Hernandez and Luis Castillo in the bottom half of the inning put the Mets in a 4-3 hole. To top the whole thing off, Elijah “Frickin” Dukes, a guy who is one of the worst outfielders I’ve ever seen, makes a whale of a play in RF to rob David Wright of a game-tying extra-base hit. I didn’t think it was possible with this team, but after witnessing this defeat, I speechless. No words are left to describe the shadow that has been cast over this franchise right now.

By the way, I promise a post on the Mets broadcast crew is upcoming. For those of you brave enough to watch tonight’s contest, Keith Hernandez was in rare form. This season can’t end soon enough for him, or you, or me, or the Mets players, or the guys who work the clubhouse, or the ushers in the stands, or… get the picture.