New York Mets News

Mets are Just Playing Out the String

By Adam Garnett

The above title is about all I have new to say about the Mets at this juncture. As the losses mount, there is not much to grasp onto right now. I think all Mets fans can join me in saying they can’t wait for the October 4th to come and go and for the season to be put out of it’s misery. Hey, at least you can root against the Yankees. They officially clinched a playoff spot yesterday and are well on their way claiming home-field advantage throughout the playoffs.

But back to our lovable Metropolitans. Believe it or not, the bumbling boys from Flushing have the sixth worst record in all of baseball and with tonight’s loss at the hands of the Braves (their eighth straight to Atlanta), they are two losses closer to the 90 mark. The Mets last eclipsed the 90 loss mark in the fateful 2004 season (71-91), the one when Scott Kazmir was traded for the unforgettable Victor Zambrano. Remember him? The sad part is that Zambrano is probably better than 4/5 of the Mets rotation right about now.

Even though it seems highly unlikely a new regime will be put in place next season, as per Fred Wilpon’s pronouncement a month back, it doesn’t mean we can’t brainstorm anyway, right? Is there anyone out there, manager or GM or both, that you would like to see take the reigns next season. Call me crazy, but I’d jump at the idea of Bobby Valentine making a triumphant return. If he could take that 2000 team to a World Series, think of what he could do with a team that boasts Jose Reyes, David Wright, Carlos Beltran, Johan Santana, Francisco Rodriguez and Jeff Francoeur. It’s not like this franchise is devoid of talent. They just need a little Rx and a little motivation, some new (old in this case) blood to right this ship. Someone willing to put on a Groucho Marx mustache when the going gets rough. Ah, those were the days.