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Mets are 20 Games Under .500 But May Have Themselves a Catcher

By Adam Garnett

If you stayed up to watch last night’s meltdown, you are a better man than I. NEWS FLASH….Daniel Murphy is the not a major league fielder. He needs to find his way to that other league that has the silly DH rule. With the loss, which goes in the same category of brutality as Luis Castillo’s dropped pop-up, Ryan Church missing third base and the game ending on an unassisted triple play, the Mets fell to 20 games under .500. The Mets were slotted to win 90 games this season in Vegas. They have a chance to actually lose 90. Wow.

On a positive note though, the Mets may have themselves a catcher. Josh Thole has been very impressive at the dish so far since his call up on September 1. As of the start of tonight’s contest in Atlanta, the 23-year old Thole was batting .423. Granted, he has yet to showcase much power, but you can tell that he does indeed possess some. The best stat is that he has only struck out once in 26 at bats. His controlled hitting style (he chokes up on the bat considerably) leads one to believe the possibility of him hitting .300 is real. We haven’t really gotten a hold of his defensive prowess yet being that he just converted to catcher a few years back, but as long as he hits like he has shown so far, it just has to be adequate.

On a side note, Mike Francesa on his radio program today said he has reached out to Mets brass (the Wilpons) and he feels strongly that either Fred or Jeff or both will be on the show sometime after this nightmare season ends. That will be a must listen. Should be very telling as to where the team is headed.