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News Bulletin: There Has Been A David Wright Power Sighting

By Adam Garnett

Capping off a wet and wild Saturday in Philadelphia, David Wright hit a two-run bomb (his second of the day) off Phillies closer du-jour, Ryan Madson in the top of the ninth to give the Mets a 10-9 lead and eventual come-from-behind victory. The win was all well and good and sweet, due to the fact that it was against the hated Phils, but the real story is that David Wright finally reached double digits in home runs….On freaking September 12th!!!!! Wow!

What struck me was the type of long balls Wright’s two shots were in this game. The first was a towering drive over the left-center field wall off the recently activated Brett Myers in the eight inning, a two-run shot that brought the Mets to within 9-7. The second was a line drive blast that flew over the left-field war in a hurry. The key was that it appeared as if David was actually trying to hit home runs in these spots. Now, the situation dictated the benefit of attempting to swing for the fences but I argue that if this game was taking place at Citi Field, Wright would not have tried to hit the ball out of the park.

As the year has gone on, I believe that cavern has psyched him out and deterred him from trying to regain his stroke. Of course Wright has denied that his new home ballpark is in his head, but his paltry HR total says otherwise. I know some readers disagree with me and think Wright is a line drive hitter who just happens to hit homers and is better off not incorporating more of an uppercut in his swing. The bottom line though is that the Mets need more pop from his valuable bat, as evidence by Saturday’s output and outcome.