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More on the Wilpon Front

By Adam Garnett

On WFAN, Adam “The Bull” and Jon Heyman just interviewed Erin Arvedlund, author of the Bernie Madoff book “Too Good To Be True”. They grilled her pretty good about where she got her info and so on. Hopefully will have it up on their website soon. I will post it ASAP.

The interview is certainly worth a listen for all Mets fans who of course are on pins and needles as to the fate of the Mets in relation to Fred and Jeff Wilpon’s crumbling finances. The crux of it was that Arvedlund is not 100% certain the Wilpons will have to sell because she doesn’t have knowledge of their finances beyond what was reportedly lost in the Madoff accounts, but she feels confident the Wilpons will at least be looking for a new investor in the next one to two years. Stay tuned