New York Mets News

Will Wilpons Be Forced To Sell?

By Adam Garnett

Take this bombshell at face value considering the source, but is reporting that the author of a new book on Bernie Madoff is surmising that the Wilpons will be forced to sell the Mets….as soon as next year possibly. WHOA!!! Holy freaking sh**. If true, that is one hell of a nugget for the NY Post the throw out on a rainy Friday night in the Big Apple.

The Mets were quick to refute this claim:

“The author of the book has no knowledge or facts related to the Mets business operations or finances. Her speculation that the Mets — or any part of the team — is for sale is completely false and is irresponsible.”

I have said a few times in this space that no business/organization loses hundreds of millions of dollars and emerges on the other side unscathed. I wouldn’t be too quick to get all giddy about what Erin Arvedlund, author of “Too Good to Be True”, has to say but the events of this season make all to much sense with this proclamation. The cortisone shots when surgeries were originally suggested (Putz and his right elbow). Hanging on to players claimed on waivers who aren’t being paid much when the season was clearly over (Gary Sheffield). Trading players claimed on waivers whom you owe a nice chuck of change to still and would award you a high draft pick (whom you’d have to pay) if they left via free agency at the end of the year (Billy Wagner). Haggling over a few thousand bucks with draft picks.

Is that enough for you? Look, I ALMOST feel bad for the Wilpons for getting scammed but if they’re piggy bank is empty, sell the damn team for the sake of Mets fans around the globe.