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Jose Reyes Update

By Adam Garnett

With aLL that has been going on with our lovable squad, it is almost as if Jose Reyes and his injured calf…or leg…or hamstring…or hamstring tendon has become a forgotten man. Well, Adam Rubin brought Jose back to the forefront with his piece today in the Daily News.

If you were listening to the Mets-Cubs broadcast this afternoon, Gary Cohen pointed out that the Metstook umbrage not with Rubin’s advancement of the Reyes injury story, but with the headline that accompanied it. If what Rubin wrote is accurate, the Mets have a point.

The headline read, “Mets SS Jose Reyes has completely torn hamstring, might need surgery”.

In actuality, Reyes likely has a completely torn hamstring TENDON in his right leg, which is far less severe than a torn hamstring (which would be the muscle). The speedy shortstop has been out of action since May 20th when he took himself out of a game at Dodger Stadium. He has undergone rigorous rehabilitation work to try and make it back up to the big club, but this rehab reportedly turned a strain into tear.

Personally, when I initially saw Reyes limp off the field in L.A., I had an inkling we might not see him make a contribution the rest of the season. With Reyes’ history of leg injuries and the fact that nobody was really sure what his diagnosis was for so long, was a bad omen.

Rubin goes on to report that surgery is not yet a given but it appears to be headed in that direction. Since only the tendon would need to be repaired, Reyes would likely be ready to go full throttle next season. The Mets better hope so because his presence at the top of their lineup is critical to the team’s success in 2010.