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Mets Ace Averts Disaster: Johan Santana Will Have Bone Spurs in Elbow Removed

By Adam Garnett

PHEW!!!!!!! The doomsday scenario of Tommy John surgery for Johan Santana has seemingly been averted. Word just came down that the Mets ace has bone chips in his left elbow, will have surgery to clean them up, and will be out the remainder of 2009. The sigh of relief comes comes because it appears Johan will indeed only miss the next month or so and be ready for spring training in 2010.

On his conference call a few minutes ago, Omar Minaya was asked why Santana had continued to pitch when it was clear he was experiencing discomfort and the team was clearly out of the playoff hunt. The genius GM gave some convoluted, unintelligible answer which again leaves Mets fans scratching their heads as to how the hell this organization makes decisions on injured players.

On side notes, Billy Wagner finally relented and agreed to be traded to the Red Sox for two players to be named later. I envision a few late-inning A-Rod and Teixeira blasts in your near future. Also, Oliver Perez was left behind in NY to get his ailing knee checked out. What about his ailing brain?

In the spirit of the ongoing Little League World Series, can someone invoke the mercy rule?