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You Just Knew Johan Santana’s Turn was Coming

By Adam Garnett

Seems as if I should have waited to post that last entry. I was expecting postgame to be drab and boring, but then Jerry Manuel decided to drop the little bombshell that Johan Santana is being scratched from his start Tuesday with elbow soreness. Of all the bad news the Mets have been hit with this year, this could turn out to be the worst by far.

Santana reportedly will stay back in New York to visit Dr. David Altchek and get an MRI on his left wing while the Mets travel to Florida to take on the Marlins. The team hoped to have “something definitive” in terms of a diagnosis by later today. There have been many cringe-worthy moments this season, such as when we learned Carlos Delgado would be out for four months and Carlos Beltran might need microfracture surgery, but the thought of Santana possibly needing Tommy John surgery is almost a keel over and die moment for Mets fans.

Supposedly, Johan had not been throwing off the mound in between starts since before the All-Star break and there has been a noticeable loss in velocity in the second half of the season. In his last six starts, Santana has been much less than the $137.5 million ace he is being paid to be, surrendering 18 earned runs while averaging under five K’s per outing. Jerry Manuel summed it up pretty nicely when he said, “I’m terribly concerned. No question about it.”

Obviously, Johan Santana was deeply concerned as well because as we’ve seen, this guy is ultra-competitive and a gamer in the finest sense. Remember the one-hitter he pitched on the second-to-last day of the season last year with a bum knee to keep the Mets playoff hopes alive? If Johan has taken himself out of commission, you can be rest assured the pain was just too much for him to handle and folks, that ain’t good. Cross your fingers and hope that the next entry in this blog/obituary is not the doomsday report we are all fearing to be possible.