New York Mets News

Vacation is Over For Me….Mets Probably Wish Their’s Started Yesterday

By Adam Garnett

Ahhhh…A few days at the Jersey Shore, followed by a nice relaxing long weekend in the woods of Vermont. I figured I wouldn’t… really couldn’t miss too much Mets drama since how much more drama could really be left in this dreaded season. Well, of course I was wrong because making any predictions when it comes to this baseball team is just plain dumb.

I’ll be at Citi Field in about 12 hours to gleefully help send the Mets off after their long ?? game home stand. I should have plenty of time to blog from there and give my extended take on the happenings of the past week or so. The biggest news by far with the longest reaching tentacles for future impact is the news from Mike Puma at the New York Post that Fred Wilpon is dead set on bringing back Omar Minaya last year. Just to give a little sampling of my reaction to that wee bit of info….what the hell does it take for a guy to lose his job around those parts? I guess you have to rip your shirt off and scream a load of outrageous stuff at a bunch of 20-year old kids to compromise your job security when working for Fred and Jeff. Can I get a job there?