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Ryan Church Feuds With Jerry Manuel; Alex Cora Signs Off

By Adam Garnett

So long Alex Cora. Welcome back to the Mets graveyard, AKA, the ever-expanding DL. And I know everyone is excited to also welcome back the venerable Wilson Valdez.

The big story though coming out of Flushing, which of course is not baseball related, is Ryan Church’s return to Citi Field. Stemming from the scary concussion David Wright’s suffered via a Matt Cain’s beanball to his head, Church’s name has surfaced in reference to the shoddy decision making surrounding his diagnosis and treatment of his multiple brain brusies last year.

Check out Newsday’s story on the feud that has developed between Church and Jerry Manuel stemming from Manuel’s unflattering comments about Church’s toughness. I think Church probably misconstrued Jerry’s comments to some degree, but it had been thought for some time that Manuel was no fan of Ryan Church. This was confirmed by Manuel’s  unfavorable comparison of Church and Wright’s reaction to their concussions and Church’s subsequent response.

In any case, this is water under the bridge now. Ryan Church is a member of the hated Braves and the Mets have a guy in Jeff Francoeur who is quickly becoming a fan and clubhouse favorite. Give Omar Minaya credit….he may have struck gold with Frenchy. It is upwards and onwards with the heroes of Citi Field as the season from he’ll continues.