New York Mets News

David Wright Gets Beaned in the Dome; Bobby Parnell Looks Sharp

By Adam Garnett

I had the fortunate opportuity of being at the ballpark Friday night to welcome our lowly road warriors home from their stellar 2-5 trip out west. Amazingly, there was optimism abound before and after the 3-0 blanking of San Fran. Of course that optimism was squelched mighty quickly yesterday with the scary David Wright beanball incident and Frankie Rodriguez’s effort in the 10th inning.

There is no telling how long Wright may be out but from the looks of it and the reaction from some of his teammates, it could be awhile. You really have to feel for the kid after all he’s been through this year as the only star left trying to save a sinking ship. Here’s to hoping a good man and a great player gets back on the field soon.

But back to Friday night. First, there was a bit of off the field news regarding Citi Field. The Wilpons had some cosmetic work done to their precious new palace, all of which was of course outlined in a fancy press release. Here is a summary of what was done:

Two large video boards were installed in right field and on the promenade level which now broadcats live action. A nice touch considering some fans spend considerable time out of their seats walking along the concourses. Those improvements weren’t the big story though. It seems as if the team finally got a clue, succomed to the ire of the fans and decided to add some actually Mets flavor to the new park.

The team has begun installing photographic imagery of famous Mets and historic moments throughout the stadium to complement the banners on the exterior of the ballpark. In addition the team’s championship banners are also now on display on the left field wall. What a breath of fresh air to finally see the likes of Keith Hernandez and Doc Gooden adorning the METS new stadium (not the defunct 50 years Brooklyn Dodgers stadium).

I say good for the Wilpons for listening to their paying customers and making the park more of a reflection of Mets history because as tough as times have been lately, there is some rich history and star characters.

As far as Friday’s game goes, Bobby Parnell’s scorless six innings was the story. Coming off a very poor two and two-thirds innings of work in San Diego, this dominating performance was unexpected. I thought he would improve some based on maybe some of the nerves of his first big league start, but I didn’t think he’d mow the Giants down like he did. Showcasing a mid-90’s heater and a good variety of secondary pitches Parnell has the stuff to be the real deal I think, but we’ll have to see what kind of head he’s got in the coming weeks