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Mets Lose Again to Arizona…Is it February Yet?

By Adam Garnett

Well, certainly nothing encouraging to speak about as far as the last two games in Arizona go. In a place where the Mets have been absolutely dominant the past few years (they swept 4-game series in 2005 and 2006 and took 2 of 3 last year),  it will take a another stellar effort from…gulp…Oliver Perez to avoid a sweep and a 1-6 West Coast road trip. You know when you are relying on Oliver Perez to swing things in a positive direction, the season can be considered a disaster of epic proportions.

Jerry Manuel channeled the frustrations of all Mets fans I think after Monday night’s loss, which was  a comedy of errors:

“We were a bad team tonight,” Manuel said. “We didn’t pitch well. They had a couple hustle plays on us that are unacceptable that we addressed. Throwing to bases and nobody there. Very poor game. Very poor effort on our part.

“Despite maybe not having what we’d like to have. It’s still the major leagues. We have to perform better than that. We have to do a better job.”

Uhhhhh, yeah Jerry. You were a bad team two nights ago and have been a bad team for the past two months or so. The throwing to the base comment he made referred to the play in the 8th inning of that 7-4 loss, when newly re-acquired Anderson Hernandez joined the parade of Mets boneheaded plays by throwing first base on a double play attempt….with NOBODY COVERING THE DAMN BASE!!!

There were more moving parts to the play, but to tell you the truth I am tired of detailing these, shoddy mental meltdowns and I am guessing you are pretty tired of reading about them and more importantly seeing them as well. David Wright, who seemingly has been placed on a desert island with no water and no food the past 50 games or so, sounded like a beaten man after the loss:

“It’s been a challenge each and every day, going out there, trying to win baseball games. That’s frustrating going out there and really having to execute and play perfectly to win. It’s been a challenge, a learning experience. Hopefully, moving forward, me personally and this team, have learned a lot and will utilize this to our advantage in the future.”

As for last night’s game. Livan Hernandez is brutal. Send him packing and let Tim Redding bite the bullet for a few months. At least the Amazin’s don’t have to wait until night time to get a chance to make all sorts of mental errors and play pathetic baseball…They have a nice mid-afternoon tilt to get all that done

How many days ’til pitchers and catchers?