New York Mets News

Mets Streak was Fun While it Lasted

By Adam Garnett

Oh well. Was six in a row really too much to ask for? The Mets had their chance last night to extend their winning ways, but I thought the game was over after they failed to score in the first inning. First and Third and no outs and coming up empty against a very game pitcher is not a good omen.

As our well-informed reader gutless pointed out, it was not the Pagan aborted steal of home that was the main killer in that inning, it was David Wright’s awful at bat with Pagan on third and Castillo on second base. What happened to this guy as far as being a good situational hitter goes? The hack he took for the third strike was almost inexcusable. He is such a good opposite field and two-strike hitter. I am not sure why this hasn’t been translating to getting hits with runners in scoring position and less than two outs.

Jon Niese put together a decent outing, before getting smacked around for four runs in the sixth inning. The kid has a bit of moxie and he has a variety of pitches, all of which it seems he can throw for strikes. I expect him to be a worthy contributor to the staff for the remainder of the season, especially with John Maine’s status highly in doubt.

In any case, time to start a new run against a very beatable Arizona team. If the Amazin’s can snag three of four in this weekend wraparound set, they should still be hanging around in this race. If they falter, it could spell doom for them, especially with the newly revamped Cardinals coming to town, followed by an always ominous West Coast jaunt.


Trade deadline is fast approaching. The Mets supposedly turned down offers to acquire to big time players. I don’t expect anything of great magnitude to go down in the next five hours as far as the  Mets go. We’ll keep you informed.