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Mets Win Fourth in a Row. Who Are These Guys?

By Adam Garnett

On the day following the Rubin-Gate disaster, I think we can actually say that the team’s play on the field was a bigger story than what occurred off of it. Before I get into the game and the positive signs we’ve seen during this modest four-game win streak, I would be remiss to not give an update on Jeff Wilpon’s doings before the game.

Wilpon held court with the media for the second day in a row (a record I presume for the camera shy owner’s son) and attempted to administer a little more damage control. He apologized again for Omar Minaya’s bizarre calling out of Daily News reporter Adam Rubin and reiterated that yesterday’s news conference announcing the firing of Tony Bernazard was handled very poorly by his GM.

I listened to a replay of the entire Wilpon press conference and from what I can surmise, Omar is on very shaky ground at this juncture and is lucky he isn’t fishing with Bernazard somewhere. This Wilpon quote just about says it all.

“Right now, the idea is that Omar is our general manager – period,” Wilpon said. “He hasn’t been reprimanded. I think his remorse in what he’s shown is his sorrow for this and what he knows he did. The collateral damage it caused me, the collateral damage it caused my father, my uncle, the organization as a whole, he feels bad for. And I think that’s more punishment than anybody can ever put on him.”

You can be rest assured Omar Minaya is thanking his lucky stars tonight that the Wilpon’s are an understanding bunch (maybe it has something do with the three-year extension he just signed), because the boneheaded, petty move he pulled yesterday would not have been forgiven many other circles.


Now to the game and the RED…HOT…NY METS! With the 4-0 whitewash of the Rockies, the Mets moved to withing 5 1/2 games of the Wild Card leaders. It’s not just the four wins that are causing joy in Metville, it is how they are winning these games. Yes the offense has pushed across 29 runs during this 36 inning stretch, but it is pitching and…gasp….defense that has been the key. Daniel Murphy looked like Keith Hernandez at first base today turning that double play on the Brad Hawpe.

Mike Pelfrey fought through 6 1/3 innings of work, escaping bases loaded jams in the fourth and sixth innings. His heater consistently was clocked in the mid-90’s and he lobbied Jerry Manuel to let him go out for the seventh inning even though his pitch count was up over 100. If in the next two months, this guy can turn into the horse everyone was expecting him to become, who knows what might happen.

Let’s temper the euphoria a little bit, as there are still many holes on this roster and the front office is still in disarray. There is still a glimmer of sunshine here with 63 games left on the ledger. If even one of the injured triumvirate of stars comes back and contributes in the next 10 days, the Mets and their beaten and battered fans may yet still have some hope.