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Mets Fire Tony Bernazard…And Open a Whole New Can of Worms

By Adam Garnett

“So, smile for a few more hours Mets fans. It wont be long til the black cloud that is hovering over this team thickens again. That you can count on”

Recognize this line? It resided as the final sentence in my last post. I felt confident making this decree…I mean this is Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya’s Mets we’re talking about here…I just didn’t envision the black cloud to turn into a freaking F5 tornando THE NEXT DAMN DAY!!!!!!!

My goodness. I know I am a bit late to the party hear and I would have loved to come at you a bit earlier than this, but I needed ample time to digest what I witnessed in person at Citi Field a few hours ago. The scene was surreal and I gather many of you witnessed a good chunk of it on SNY or Sportscenter. Let me give you a sampling of what it felt like to be at the Queens Zoo

I actually showed up in Flushing after the majority of the fireworks had already taken place. Tony Bernazard, whose laundry list of embarrassing acts was growing larger by the day was canned by Omar Minaya, with the blessing of management. I am sure you all know the crux of what ensued between Minaya and Daily News beat reporter Adam Rubin during Omar’s 26-minute rambling presser, so I’m not going to beat a dead horse with the details. Take a look here, here, and here to get the insiders view of the blind-sided attack.

I want to focus on what it felt like at the stadium after the Mets actually got something right  firing this jerk, and yet managed to create and even bigger and more embarrassing situation in the process of doing so. As you can imagine, the entire press corps was in stunned disbelief at what they had just witnessed. Many incredulous conversations involving veteran columnists and reporters were being had in the dugout, out on the field and up in the press dining lounge. One of their own had just had his credibility openly questioned. For all intents and purposes, they saw Adam Rubin, a man whose groundbreaking stories were proved to be 100% true , become the victim of a petty act of revenge. Wilpon and Minaya has just instituted Hammurabi’s Code, NY Mets style.

In the pre-game locker room, the players lounged, seemingly in somewhat of a daze. Many of them had their eyes trained on the flat screen TVs up on the wall, taking in the bizarre happenings. I am sure most were just wishing it was gametime already, because the circus isn’t allowed between the white lines. A few of the team leaders, Carlos Beltran, Carlos Delgado and David Wright spoke to reporters about the firing and Omar’s charges against Adam Rubin.

A few hours later, with many reporters still pushing the Mets PR staff to make Jeff Wilpon and Omar Minaya available for comment, the two were brought into the back of the press box. A large group of media was there to greet the pair and they proceeded to stumble through the bombardment by some tangibly angry reporters.

Talk about ineptitude. Talk about petty vindictiveness. Talk about what now must be considered to be the worst run franchise in baseball. Ain’t this fun?

Oh by the way, the Mets beat the Wild-Card leading Rockies 7-3 and have won three in a row. Silly baseball game trying to get in the way  of this ever more bizarre soap opera.