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Tony Bernazard: Brings Mets to a New Low

By Adam Garnett

I was going to give some some analysis on the vote of confidence Omar Minaya and Jerry Manuel apparently got from Mets ownership, but alas in Met Land, that became old news…and fast. So, just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse….The Mets incarnation of Randy “Macho Man” Savage, A.K.A. VP for player development Tony Bernazard, has stooped to a level never seen before, even in Mets lore. Again credit to Adam Rubin of the Daily News for breaking this story.

A few days ago in this space, I pointed you to a blog entry by Rubin that detailed a recent incident involving Bernazard that took place at Citi Field. In short, Bernazard reportedly dressed down an underling with a profanity-laced tirade when the deputy suggested he wait until between innings to ask a Diamondbacks scout to get out of his seat. Onlookers were supposedly left with their mouths agape after Bernazard went off.

Now comes word that Bernazard has gone even further to embarrass himself and the Mets organization. According to the report in the News, about 10 days before the All-Star break, Bernazard took a trip to Binghamton, where the Mets Double-A minor league affiliate is situated. As confirmed by Omar Minaya, Bernazard supposedly gave the team, which is more than 20 games under .500, a “stern”talking to about possible underage drinking and their recent shoddy performance. The sources the News spoke with didn’t quite have it that way. Supposedly, Bernazard, after another profanity-laced tongue lashing, proceeded to rip off his shirt and challenge the team to a fight. Seriously Tony? These are 20 year old kids we’re talking about here. What a complete jackass. This behavior if true, no matter what the desired effect, is not acceptable and downright crosses the line.

As the day progressed since the Bernazard story was published, the news on his future with the Mets has begun to materialize. First the Mets issued a statement saying they take these allegations  seriously and are looking into the matter. Then a few hours before last night’s embarrassing loss to the Nats, Minaya gathered the press corps and reiterated that the organization was investigating the matter. Investigating it??? It happened almost three weeks ago. You think Fred and Jeff and Omar didn’t know exactly what happened hours after the (stuff) went down? Again. What a joke.

As the blogs and stories from those in the know filtered out throughout the afternoon and night, it was revealed that Bernazard is currently at home New Jersey and likely will be away from the team for the time being.

To put the cherry on this whole debacle comes a report of an even more current Bernazard incident involving a shouting match with Francisco Rodriguez on the team bus in Atlanta last week. Before last night’s game, the incident was confirmed by K-Rod to have occurred. That was as far as Frankie would go on the subject

The Mets now need to act swiftly and act decisively. For the sake of all Mets fans, Tony Bernazard should be looking for a new job by the time the sun rises this morning.