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Mets Turn Down Halladay Trade Offer

By Adam Garnett

According to Jon Heyman on the Mets have turned down an offer from the Blue Jays for Roy Halladay. I didn’t think the Mets had what it took to get Doc Halladay, but apparently I was mistaken. I can’t believe I am saying his, but thank the lord Omar turned down the offer.

J.P. Riccardi’s asking price was understandably steep: Fernando Martinez, Jon Niese, Bobby Parnell, and minor league SS Ruben Tejada. That would have completely bankrupted the Mets already barren farm system and would not have made sense for a team clearly out of the playoff hunt.

Heyman reports that it was of course no sure bet Halladay would have waived his no-trade to come to Queens. Apparently, he didn’t even have the chace to contemplate such a proposition.