New York Mets News

Omar Talks Injuries…And Nothing is Too Encouraging

By Adam Garnett

Omar Minaya just wrapped up a conference call with the NY media. Here is a summary of what he had to say regarding the slew of injured Mets.

The most troubling news surrounds the health of Fernando Martinez. F-Mart underwent surgery two days ago to repair a torn meniscus in his right knee and will be out six-eight weeks. This guy is only 20 and already has a laundry list of injury issues. Not a promising sign for his future prospects.

John Maine insists he is pain free at this point and Omar said he may be back in the rotation within 10 days. I am not optimistic his shoulder will hold up the rest of this season

Jose Reyes, who did some agility drills on before Sunday’s game at Citi Field,  took BP off Maine in Port St. Lucie today. He has yet to run the bases though and no real timetable has been set for his return. Omar is hopeful he can return before the end of July. “We hopefully will get him on the basepaths soon,” Minaya said about Reyes. “We are much closer today than a week ago”. Yipee Skippy.

Carlos Delgado seems to be right on track for a mid-August return, as was expected following his hip surgery in May. He took infield practice and BP in St. Lucie. I’ll say it again…what can you really be expecting form a 36-year old slugger coming off hip surgery. Not much in my book

The Carlos Beltran bruised knee mystery continues to befuddle. He had another MRI that concluded the bone bruise has not “sufficiently” gone away enough for him to get back onto the field. What in microfracture surgery is going on here? It is conceivable we have seen the last of Beltran in 2009.