New York Mets News

My Extended Take on Frenchy

By Adam Garnett

One game in the books in the Jeff Francoeur era in New York and so far so good. More than the two hits (both a little cheap) and the two RBIs he contributed in last night’s win was simply his freshness in what was rapidly becoming a stale situation. Let’s be clear, this guy is not going to be a savior and I still maintain nothing short of every injured player coming back within a few

weeks and having monster second halves will save this season. Frenchy was traded by the Braves for a reason. He was floundering in a big way and was failing to live up to the lofty expectations everyone had placed on him.

You never know, it is possible all that he needed was a new uniform on his back. His athletic skill set is clearly high quality. He has an elite outfield arm, better than average range, good speed on the bases, and a serious power stroke (when he is able to make contact…which unfortunately is not too often these days). I think all the “experts” who I heard provide analysis of the deal concluded that Francoeur has bigger upside potential than Ryan Church but Church was the more polished player at this point. Polished maybe, but I think we have all seen what Ryan Church is and I do believe Francoeur is capable of much more. Besides, from everything I have heard and seen, Church really didn’t love being in New York. Based on what I heard Francoeur say pregame and postgame last night, he is loving the idea of setting up shop in the Big Apple, something that cannot be overlooked as this town can be a scary proposition to some.

Back to reality now, as one astute reader pointed out, this acquisition is just a band-aid. It may pay off in the future, but for right now I think the move was made more than anything to appease a restless fan base. I am not sure Omar is quite done tinkering, but I would not expect anything happening that included a bigger name than Francoeur. Next up for me is whipping up a mid-season report card and a summary of what to expect from the second half of 2009. Stay tuned.