New York Mets News

Rain, Rain Go Away Already!!!

By Adam Garnett

Seriously Mother Nature, enough with the rain delays already. You are killing the Mets one-game win streak MoJo. This is the last chance the Mets get to take on a sub-.500 team until after the All-Star break. This same sub-.500 Pirates squad did embarrass them in early June.

As relieving as Mike Pelfrey’s 1-0 triumph over  a filthy Yovani Gallardo was yesterday, it is just one win and it does not shield the dire straights this team finds itself in. If they are indeed going to attempt to stay in the race, you realize the Mets are going to need starting pitching performances like Pelfrey gave them four or five times a week. Not likely with Tim Redding toeing the mound every five days.

I am curious to hear people’s reaction the report that Omar pursued Mark DeRosa but backed away after the Indians asked for Bobby Parnell. I am down on Omar for sure right now for a multitude of reasons, but I applaud him for not making a reactionary move and giving away one of the organizations few promising young players for a stopgap.

Enjoy the action…or I guess inaction from Pittsburgh. Then bring on the Phillies, a team who might actually be scuffling more than than Mets at this point.

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