New York Mets News

Mets Couldn’t Solve the Mystery of Mr. Burns

By Adam Garnett

This afternoon’s attempt by the Mets not to get swept away for the second consecutive series is underway, but I wanted to briefly touch on a few things from yesterdays game and some news that came out following it.

I obviously never got a chance to watch the futility of the ’62 Mets, but I can’t help wonder if those unfortunate souls had some of the same emotions that fans of this 2009 squad have been feeling lately. That display I am not sure could have been be equaled by Walter Matthau’s Bas News Bears on their worst day. Hearing Keith Hernandez’s commentary after Fernando Martinez fell flat on his face chasing Cory Hart’s fly ball was depressing, yet priceless at the same time. I mean, you really can’t even write a movie script this good.

A few minutes after the Ryan Braun’s Little League grand slam, I stopped for a moment and just sat there and laughed. What else was there left to do? Daniel Murphy dropping a fly ball in Florida, ruining a pristine Johan Santana effort. Ryan Church missing third base vs. the Dodgers in extra innings. Luis Castillo’s catastrophic dropped fly ball. And now, this debacle. How much more can Mets fans take?

I know Jerry Manuel had a 30-minute closed door meeting after the game and made his team ride the bus together to the ballpark today, but I am not sure those gimmicks are going to mean squat right now. The Mets just don’t have the horses to compete right now and it is evident every day they take the field. Even with the news that Carlos Beltran just has a knee bruise and nothing worse and could be back shortly after the All-Star break and that Jose Reyes was on his way down to Florida to continue his rehab, I fear their reappearances will be too little too late.

At least the Mets are getting a chance to showcase the hoards of studs they have in the minor leagues….Ummm, oh yeah, what studs.