New York Mets News

Pond Scum 3, St Looey 1; The 7 Train Arrives at Citi

By Adam Garnett

I understand this isn’t the 1985 installment of the Cardinals, but I am pretty shocked at what the Mets pulled off the past four days. Seriously, did you actually stop and think a minute after seeing some of the lineups they sent out there? This lineup scored 11 runs a few nights ago:

  1. Alex Cora, SS
  2. Luis Castillo, 2B 
  3. David Wright, 3B
  4. Ryan Church, RF
  5. Fernando Tatis, LF
  6. Fernando Martinez, 3B
  7. Nick Evans, 1B
  8. Brian Schnieder, c

The 1927 Yankees they are not. I will say this though…Most of these guys getting a shot to play right now are hungry. With nothing set in stone and at-bats to be had, if you hit, you are going to play. Expect to see guys like Evans and Murphy and Tatis making the most of the opportunity they are being afforded right now.

Bottom line, Philly keeps on floundering and the Mets, despite the dire injury circumstances continue to more than tread water. It’s hard to fathom but they are a win tonight and Philly loss in Toronto away from being the first place New York Mets. If the starting pitching stays hot…I can’t believe I am saying this…but there is no reason the Amazins’ can’t  head into the All-Star Break leading the NL East


Quickly on the first CitiField installment of the Subway Series. All the pressure here lies with the men from the Boogie Down. They have CC and A.J. on the mound the first two games facing the Mets new Triple-A Murderer’s Row. The Mets counter with a maddeningly inconsistent Mike Pelfrey and a very hittable Tim Redding. The only bright spot as far as the Mets go here is that they get a crack to smack around Chien Ming Wang on Sunday night.

Surprise, surprise, weather may be a factor all weekend long. Maybe that will play into the Mets hands by knocking out Sabathia or Burnett early after a long rain delay. Despite that wishful thinking, I am looking for the Yanks to take two of three